Sunday, 29 March 2015

Labour blogger admits she's a champagne socialist

For several years Theresa Musgrove, who writes blogs and tweets as Mrs Angry/Brokenbarnet, has been trolling Mike and other local Conservatives. she recently left a tweet here admitting what we've all known for years, that like most of her Labour colleagues in Barnet, she's a champagne socialist. She said "It is true to say that I am a champagne socialist, but I buy my own champagne"!!!!! We thoroughly recommend her blog for those of you with insomnia, we constantly marvel at how little can be said at such great length. She seems to have developed a bit of a crush on poor Russell Brand in her latest effort. we can only assume that all of that bubbly has sent the poor old dear a bit squiffy!!!!  perhaps her blog should be renamed desperate housewives.