Sunday, 30 October 2011

Mike threatened at constituency surgery

You may have seen this report about an incident at Mike's surgery yesterday.

Mike issued this statement following the incident

Events at my surgery on fri in no way represents the mainstream majority at my local Mosque. I will continue to work for all constituents.
Mike was extremely frustrated that the actions of a few prevented him from helping many people who had turned up for his advice. Mike observed that it is clear such people are not interested in democracy, free speech or the rights of others. Mike was heartened by the support from the vast majority of people at the Mosque. Most of those present were extremely upset that a group of people, many not local, had turned up to cause trouble.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The tricks of the Trots !

Never trust a lefty ! Our lovable loony leftys organised organised a "residents forum", inviting all of our MP's and Councillors and then made a song and dance because no Conservatives came. They scream that this shows that we are not interested in big society in Barnet. What they didn't tell anyone is that they deliberately organised it during the Conservative Conference, when we were all away. Sadly some well meaning and sincere residents were taken in.

If anyone has any issues they want to discuss, that were raised at this meeting, please come to one of Mike's regular surgeries and he'll be only too happy to help.