Thursday, 20 January 2011

The real reason bloggers hate Mike Freer

Please have a look at the comments on this blog written by one of of Mikes biggest critics - David 'Don't Call Me Dave' Miller. I have added stars to spare the blushes of our more elderly friends. Mike is rather pleased that some of his former critics have realised that much of the criticism of Mike is unfair and rather unpleasant.

Let me quote former Conservative Councillor Daniel Hope.

Daniel Hope said...

"Mike had to put up with a vicious campaign by a team of malcontents and bloggers. The friends of Freer believe that much of this was homophobically motivated."

So for full accuracy shouldn't DCMD have really attributed to Mr Freer that Barnet bloggers -

Vicious gay-bashing w**k*rs ?

Quotation ends.

Thank you Daniel. We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

Please note we are not Mikes official blog, we are the blog for his numerous and growing band of friends and admirers.