Sunday, 3 May 2015

Storm in a teacup proves Labour are unfit to run Great Britain

Embedded image permalinkWhat is the most important issue for hard working families in Finchley and Golders Green today? Labour seem to think an ex tory being issued with a membership card in error. the whole liebour machine has been obsessed with nothing else. explanations demanded, wild accusations made. while they froth our team have been doorknocking and delivering leaflets getting great responses on the doorstep. we say STOP THE MANSION TAX!!!!!! LIEBOUR have nothing to offer and they didnt even get  a candidate who lives in the area that is how bad they are

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Labour blogger admits she's a champagne socialist

For several years Theresa Musgrove, who writes blogs and tweets as Mrs Angry/Brokenbarnet, has been trolling Mike and other local Conservatives. she recently left a tweet here admitting what we've all known for years, that like most of her Labour colleagues in Barnet, she's a champagne socialist. She said "It is true to say that I am a champagne socialist, but I buy my own champagne"!!!!! We thoroughly recommend her blog for those of you with insomnia, we constantly marvel at how little can be said at such great length. She seems to have developed a bit of a crush on poor Russell Brand in her latest effort. we can only assume that all of that bubbly has sent the poor old dear a bit squiffy!!!!  perhaps her blog should be renamed desperate housewives. 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

How much money has Mike Freer saved you?

If you live in Finchley or Golders Green and are a hard working Council tax payer, did you know that your local MP, Mike Freer has saved you a fortune!!!!!!! Many families have benefitted from years of zero rate council tax increases from Barnet Council. I am sure we are all glad to have a few extra pounds in our pockets. What many local voters don't realise is that this a direct result of all the hard work Mike Freer, your local MP, has done during his long career. Mike was elected as an MP in 2010 and has worked very hard ever since to represent local people, but before he was elected Mike was the leader of Barnet Council. When Mike took over running the council in 2006, he was horrified at the way things were done. The unions called the shots and the council was run for the benefit of the workforce rather than being a lean and efficient machine, serving the needs of residents in the twenty first century. Wheras previous leaders had simply gone along with the status quo, Mike took on the vested interests, the unions and the siren voices!!!

Mike launched a program of root and branch reform, called the One Barnet program. This had a single mission, to drive down costs. And it has worked spectacularly. The union power in Barnet Council has been broken and now the council serves residents rather than the other way round!!!!! Even better, this has saved millions of pounds which has means YOU PAY LESS TAX!!!!!!

Have you noticed? If you are a normal, hard working resident of Finchley and Golders Green, we bet the only thing you've noticed is that your Council tax bill has not gone up year on year, like the sad old days when Labour ran the council for the benefit of the their paymasters in the unions!!!!!!!

If you are gratedul for all the extra cash Mike has put in your pocket over the last few years, then now is your chance to say thank you. Why not get in touch with Mike and help him get re-elected. Labour and the unions need Mike to lose to take power in the country. This will mean higher taxes and a return to the economics of the madhouse. All of the work done by the Conservatives to put the country back on its feet will be wasted.