Thursday, 11 August 2011

Mike is out and about reassurring residents and businesses

Whilst many MP's have been on holiday during the riots, Mike has been out and about in Finchley and Golders Green. He's also been keeping in constant touch with Barnet Police and reassuring local people generally that we're on top of the situation in the constituency. Through the holidays, Mike has continued to hold regular advice surgeries. We urge anyone who has worries or concerns about the way the riots have affected them in the constituency to get in touch. Mike is out there working for you every single day. We do not want to see civil unrest, anti social behaviour or thuggery on our streets. If you know of anyone involved in such behaviour contact your local safer neighbourhood team. Mike firmly believes that local policing is the answer to many of these problems. We can only tackle these problems if we pull together as on big society!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Mrs Angry says I agree with Mike

Many years ago, Mike coined a name for various malcontents in Barnet. He described them as one handed bloggers, because you know what they are doing with the other hand. In recent times, a new breed of barnet blogger has sprung up. Seems like they also have the number of our one handed blogging friends. Amid talk of discontent in the barnet blogging ranks, we were reminded of a blog by Mrs Angry. She mentioned this blog and she took the trouble to explicitly confirm our suspicions about Mr Roger Tichborne, AKA the barnet eye. If you want a good chuckle, read the last two paragraphs

She's not the only one. Another blogger, the anonymous (in every sense) Mr Mustard, left this comment on Tichbornes blog yesterday
Blogger Mr Mustard said...

You remind me of what I said about a nameless agent in another country who I am obliged to deal with.

Company motto " We aim to displease"!

4 August 2011 23:52

It is good to see that the new breed of blogger in barnet has woken up to what the Friends of Freer have known all along. To paraphrase our good friend, Brian Coleman, Tichborne is a poisonous individual and the sooner everyone in Barnet wakes up to the fact the better.