Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Mike Stands up to the bullies

Why will Mike Freer make a great MP? Because he's prepared to stand up to the bully boys and take action. In his latest blog he details the tough action he's taken to stand up to the cowardly thugs who threaten hard working family businesses in Barnet. If you have any doubts about the way in which the conflict in Gaza has been exploited by various supporters of terror, left wing radicals and other bandwagon jumpers for their own ends read this article in the London Daily News. Have any of the other Golders Green and Finchley Candidates gone public with support for Israel?


Anonymous said...

Dear 'Friends of Freer',

Mike Freer has posted, on his Council paid for blog, an article explaining how the illegal, un-British and disgusting anti semitic attacks are being tackled by the Council and Police. Whilst it is to be noted, one could hardly expect any less.

I am completely unaware of any recent article where Mike Freer has either i) supported Israel over recent weeks or ii) challenged the 'bully boys' directly. A range of imams, Tony Blair and David Cameron have directly challenged those in Britain who are seeking to bring war to the streets of Barnet due to situation overseas.

Why are you claiming Mike Freer has taken a stand supporting Israel's Gaza actions and standing against Islamists in Barnet when I can't see where he has?

The only MP or candidate that I can find having taken a public stance in the Labour MP for Hendon, here

I look forward to you pasting the links to the articles.

Anonymous said...

Well after some intensive searching, I have found an article on Theresa Villiers' website.

She stands firmly with Israel, there is also a quote there from Mike Freer (not published anywhere else I can find - why isn't this on Leader Listens, it isn't party political?!),

"Cllr Mike Freer said, “Hamas Rockets have been raining down on Israel from Gaza on a daily basis. Faced with that grim reality, embattled Israel really has no choice but to defend herself. It is vital these attacks stop, so that peace can be restored for both sides and we can work towards the two-state solution.”"

So I am happy to say my first point has been resolved.

We are left with second point unresolved of articles where any direct stance has been taken against Islamists in Barnet.

Mrs T said...

Dearest Ex Counncillor Hope,

Much as I'd like to discuss the relative merits of all of Mike Freer's pronouncements or even point out to you that Mike has taken practical steps in an area where he can do something, I feel that, out of human kindness, I'd be far better off giving you some useful and sound advice which, should you heed it, may ensure that one day you again are considered as a serious politician.

Buy yourself a dictionary and look up the phrase "team player".

I suspect that those two words encapsulate the cause of all of your many problems and disagreements. When people used to whisper those magic words to you, did it ever occur to you what they were trying to say.

Anonymous said...

It's clearly you that needs a dictionary more than I.

"A blog for the independant and ..."

Not taking lectures in loyalties from those who carelessly leaked to the Press whilst in the Cabinet, and went around Conservative activists slagging off and undermining the Leader in who's Cabinet they served!

Team player? - Go look it up in your new dictionary (after you have corrected all the spelling errors).

Mrs T said...

My dearest Ex Councillor Hope (or should that be Ex Hopeless Councillor),

Your comment illustrates the reason for your current malady. Pedantic attention to the most irrelevent minor detail, whilst completely missing the point.

Yet again I try and help you and yet again I fail. Lets hope that one day the penny drops.

do call me dave said...

Why does'nt Daniel just do everyone a favour and stick to what he is good at - NOTHING.

As my Ward Councillor he was'nt that affective infact the one time I turned up to see him at a council surgery he was'nt even there! Typical of someone like him that.

Oh and as for the slagging off, of past leaders, I do recall being told that Daniel was'nt actually a fan of the last one nor the one before that. Much like Miller...