Saturday, 15 August 2009

Lucky to have Mike in charge

I was rather disturbed to see that our neighbours in Harrow Council are bringing in an ID scheme for council tenants. Surely we have enough big brother style schemes already. We are lucky that Barnet has Mike Freer in charge. He would never agree to such a crackpot initiative.

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Statler and Waldorf said...

Dear Councillor(s),

Great but only one problem. Is this is a matter for Barnet Homes which is not under Michael Whitney Freer's control.

By the way, where the hell is underqualified and overpromoted Hillan when the Daily Mail and Sun are running double page spreads on Officers in her department housing vandals in a £1,000,000 house in Totteridge?

Why are 'Council Spokesmen' cowardly pushed forward? Where is she? If she is not up to the job she should resign.

With Fuzzy Hugs,