Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Former Council Leader Brian Salinger pays tribute to Mike

Former Leader of Barnet Council, Councillor Brian Salinger spoke to the Hendon Times today, acknowledging the superb job done by Mike as Leader of Barnet Council. He told them :-

"[Former council leader] Victor Lyon, myself and Mike Freer, worked very hard to raise the profile of Barnet in the local government world. We had taken Barnet to a level where it was regarded as one of the best local authorities in the country"

When people who have done the job make such comments, it is high praise. It is good to see Mike finally geting the recognition he deserves for the great job he did as Leader of Barnet Council.

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Statler and Waldorf said...

Why would you think that Brian Salinger would ever actually praise Michael Whitney Freer?

Waldorf and I seem to recall Michael Whitney took Brian Salinger's offer to be come Deputy Leader, unchallenged, on the basis that he would support him.

Didn't the same Michael Whitney then plot and conspire with Coleman and Hillan in Ashurst Road during the election campaign?

And Waldorf and I are told how forlorn with his puppy dog eyes did Michael Whitney Friar look as his close friends slashed their blades into Brian Salinger's flesh and he sat on his hands, as if it was nothing to do with him.

Tributes? Waldorf and I think you must be joking.

With fuzzy hugs,