Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Brian Coleman sends Labour into a panic

The friends of Mike Freer were rather amused to see that our article concerning the Labour party and its choice of candidate has caused panic in the local Labour party ranks. Responding to the charge that selecting Andrew Dismore Ex MP proved that it was same old Labour in Barnet, they had a flurry of activity. To prove that they have changed, they wheeled out none other than Ken Livingstone to visit East Finchley on a walkabout with Andrew Dismore. Nice to see they've freshened up the team !

Andrew Dismore claimed he was “not going to get into a personal slanging match” with Councillor Coleman. Of course not, he left that to Ken Livingstone who told the Times : “He represents everything that’s wrong about the way City Hall works".

Clearly the points we raised about Mr Dismore stung as both Mr Dismore and Mr Livingstone said they also recognised a need for school places as well as housing development in the borough. I wonder why Mr Dismore has not been supporting Etz Chaim, if this is the case. Surely he recognises that there is a chronic lack of places in Mill Hill.

He also responded to our comments about living in the Notting Hill champagne socialist belt by making the following comment “There is far too little in terms of affordable housing, particularly affordable housing for rent, and this is something which needs to be worked on.”

Strangely, the pair were rather quiet about the other issue we raise. Andrew Dismore and his expenses as an MP.


Anonymous said...

Fear not Mrs. T - we shall keep Mill Hill free for the parents of Etz Chaim to drive their little darlings to school as often as they see fit. Our proposed Residents Exclusion Zone (REZ) will keep the locals calm and quiet and will raise much needed funds for our biscuit tin.

Mrs Angry said...

and Mrs T: what's happened to your video links? I so enjoyed the Graveyard Family gang rap and the introduction to new magazine titles and interesting leisure activities! Did Mike tell you off, the spoilsport?