Friday, 5 August 2011

Mrs Angry says I agree with Mike

Many years ago, Mike coined a name for various malcontents in Barnet. He described them as one handed bloggers, because you know what they are doing with the other hand. In recent times, a new breed of barnet blogger has sprung up. Seems like they also have the number of our one handed blogging friends. Amid talk of discontent in the barnet blogging ranks, we were reminded of a blog by Mrs Angry. She mentioned this blog and she took the trouble to explicitly confirm our suspicions about Mr Roger Tichborne, AKA the barnet eye. If you want a good chuckle, read the last two paragraphs

She's not the only one. Another blogger, the anonymous (in every sense) Mr Mustard, left this comment on Tichbornes blog yesterday
Blogger Mr Mustard said...

You remind me of what I said about a nameless agent in another country who I am obliged to deal with.

Company motto " We aim to displease"!

4 August 2011 23:52

It is good to see that the new breed of blogger in barnet has woken up to what the Friends of Freer have known all along. To paraphrase our good friend, Brian Coleman, Tichborne is a poisonous individual and the sooner everyone in Barnet wakes up to the fact the better.


Mrs Angry said...

Mrs T: you are either very naughty, or very dim - Mrs Angry was in fact expressing her sense of shock at your taste in literature for gentlemen of a certain inclination, if you recall. I am glad to see that you have removed the offending items from your blog links, as any lady would. I don't think that there are any subjects under the sun that would result in Mrs Angry agreeing with Mr Mike Freer, although admittedly we do appear both to be fans of Sooty.

Mrs T said...

Mrs A, I think it's clear that you agree with Mike about a certain Mr T. We all do

Mr Mustard said...

I have deleted my comment from Roger's blog as it was not aimed at Roger but at the target of the blog ( or another posting and I plonked it on the wrong one; I just forget now ) and I certainly wasn't accusing Roger of the act that you suggest.