Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The tricks of the Trots !

Never trust a lefty ! Our lovable loony leftys organised organised a "residents forum", inviting all of our MP's and Councillors and then made a song and dance because no Conservatives came. They scream that this shows that we are not interested in big society in Barnet. What they didn't tell anyone is that they deliberately organised it during the Conservative Conference, when we were all away. Sadly some well meaning and sincere residents were taken in.

If anyone has any issues they want to discuss, that were raised at this meeting, please come to one of Mike's regular surgeries and he'll be only too happy to help.


Anonymous said...

Mr Freer, we know how much you defend and protect property rights (you even stood up for Gadaffi against squatters in his home).

How comes in your blog post you haven't given acknowledgment to Roger Tichbourne's rights as the creator of the video clip you use on your page.

I am sure this is an oversight.

As regards the meeting, it seems it was a lefty convention of the 'no cuts, never, ever, ever' brigade who think money grows on trees.

Mrs Angry said...

Oh dear Mrs T: if only you had paid more attention at school - should that not be 'loony lefties'?

In fact, the Tory Party Conference deliberately organised the date of this year's event in order to prevent any local Conservatives from attending this Forum, and being seduced by the dangerous, Communist inspired concepts of democracy and free speech. Thank God Brian Coleman and all his Barnet Tory chums were safely installed in Manchester, boring the pants off each other, and leaving us all to enjoy the novelty of open debate, back here in Broken Barnet.