Monday, 14 November 2011

lay off attacking barnet council staff

we have seen the local bloggers whipping themselves into a frenzy of excitement. over the news that barnet council sought to contact the ICO. barnet attempted to stop one of its employees being harrassed. where is the voice of reason. the poor man was just trying to do his job. the bloggers may not agree that barnet council need someone in that role, but is it necessary to question his faith and draw attention to his personal website. the so called bloggers have recently criticised barnet for its attitude to its employees. isnt it a bit rich to then criticise the council for sticking up for one of them. by all means knock the council if you feel you must. just lay off the staff.


Mrs Angry said...

oh "Mrs T", at it again: either you are very obtuse, or very naughty: I think you know perfectly well that this was nothing to do with a council employee but everything to do with shutting up the Barnet bloggers. This whole affair has once again made your Tory colleagues a laughing stock, but of course you should be grateful that your right to freedom of speech has been defended by the ICO. Imagine a world without the stated views of Mrs T: it doesn't bear thinking about, does it?

Mrs Angry said...

ps I've just read Mike's fitness tips, very useful, thank you, and 'Cook it': is the baked beans recipe one of Mike's? I hope he invites me round for dinner one night.

davidhencke said...


I am surprised that you are representing this as a personal attack on Barnet staff. The true significance of Barnet's action if it had been successful would have been millions of bloggers across the nation would have to register with the Date Protection Commissioner. To police all of this would have wiped out your £30 a head savings. The council employee is quite capable of looking after himself as was shown when I exchanged e-mails on Sunday. You can read my piece at Even the Taxpayers Alliance agree with me and not you over this issue.