Sunday, 2 September 2012

Apologies from Mike

Mike sends his apologies to everyone disappointed by the non appearance of the mobile constituency surgery at Church End yesterday. Mike's battle bus had a dead engine. Mike has received much praise this week, with culmination of his campaign to outlaw squatting in private residences. This hugely popular piece of legislation now means that if you get squatters in your house when you go on holiday, you can kick them out.

Isn't it odd that some people think that such a law is a bad idea?

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Mrs Angry said...

Mrs T: darling - the only people who get squatters in their house are the ones like poor Mr Gaddafi in Hampstead Garden Suburb, and really, I cannot in all honesty feel terribly upset about that, although of course it is reassuring to see Mike is doing all he can to help out.