Monday, 26 November 2012

The lies of Labour exposed

If you have ever wondered what the Labour party would do to win an election, you need look no further than the Barnet Eye blog. This is run by a character called Roger Tichborne. If you don't know his history, Mr Tichborne was a Labour party member for many years. Sadly for Mr Tichborne the Labour party had moved on from his brand of swivel eyed politics. In a desperate attempt to raise his profile, he decided to stand as a Lib Dem in Mill Hill ward in the 2010 council elections. He couldn't actually bring himself to resign from the party he loved, so actually stood as a candidate for the Lib Dems whilst retaining membership of Labour!!!! When the Labour party found out, they kicked him out and banned him from membership for five years, in accordance with their rulebook. Sadly for Mr Tichborne, his bid to become a Lib Dem Councillor also floundered. The previously safe Lib Dem seat tumbled and Mr Tichborne finished bottom of the three Lib Dems in the polls.

Mr Tichborne has been sulking ever since. In his efforts to suck up to the Labour party, he has published ever more misleading blogs. He even made a couple of films which no one has ever seen about how nasty the local Conservatives are!!! He has managed to fall out with all of the other local bloggers, even prompting one to threaten court action over abusive tweets!!!  Whilst other bloggers attend the town hall, check invoices and trawl through FoI requests, Mr Tichborne simply listens to those charming voices in his head for his inspiration!

The local Labour party see Mr Tichborne as a useful idiot. They occasionally dangle the prospect of lifting the ban on his membership (without ever having the slightest intention of actually doing it) in return for publishing some wild and whacky blog, making grossly misleading claims.

The lastest of these appeared on his blog yesterday, claiming that Mike is responsible for the destruction of 300 jobs in Barnet!!!! The spurious argument Tichborne used was the fact that Mike was the leader of Barnet Council in 2009. It is a matter of public record that Mike ceased to be involved then. He became an MP in 2010 and has dedicated himself to representing the people of Finchley and Golders Green. Since Mike stepped down as leader of Barnet Council, there have been three leaders. Whilst it is true that Mike initiated a program of efficiency and transformation at the council (what sensible leader wouldn't), to claim he is responsible for the final plan, which emerged three years later,  is clearly ridiculous.  It would be like blaming John Major for the credit crunch in 2008 because he'd been prime minister before Tony Blair.

The truth of the matter is that all decisions about One Barnet are matters solely for Barnet Council, which Mike left over two and a half years ago. Whatever Mike may think has no bearing on what the council actually does. There can only be one reason for such a claim being made. Liebour believe that Mike is doing a good job and they will resort to absolutely anything to try and undermine him, even if it means having to lie in the gutter with the likes of Roger Tichborne!!!


Mrs Angry said...

oh naughty naughty Mrs T: what will Mike say? Now you are copying Mrs Angry and pointing out that One Barnet is not so much the bastard child of easycouncil, as a changling ... but to call Roger Tichborne a useful idiot is completely unacceptable. He is not useful at all, and his lack of camera training made me look as if I had been tangoed in the second Barnet film.

Anyway, I must drag myself out of this gutter, and write a new post.

Good to see that Mike is now totally disassociating himself from One Barnet, like Brian Coleman. Are there are Tories left in Barnet who do support this crazy plan?

Richard Logue said...

How very cowardly of you to hide behind an anonymous handle to attack Roger. At least he puts his real name to his comments eh?

Meanwhile how do you like the fact that your beloved Brian Coleman is wiping the floor with the local Tories over his opposition to the crackpot One Barnet scheme?

Statler and Waldorf said...

Mrs T, Brian Coleman has been on the phone to us. He is distraught. Please, please, please - he asks - will you answer his phone calls to help him with his blogger.

He doesn't know how to do titles, photos and tags. You did it SO well for him in the past but since his suspension (what with your job and all that) you've withdrawn your assistances.

Have some heart. We know you'll probably lose your job if you are caught properly helping him but, pick up the phone and teach him how to do a title, put in tags and add a photo.

With warm fuzzy hugs,