Sunday, 3 May 2015

Storm in a teacup proves Labour are unfit to run Great Britain

Embedded image permalinkWhat is the most important issue for hard working families in Finchley and Golders Green today? Labour seem to think an ex tory being issued with a membership card in error. the whole liebour machine has been obsessed with nothing else. explanations demanded, wild accusations made. while they froth our team have been doorknocking and delivering leaflets getting great responses on the doorstep. we say STOP THE MANSION TAX!!!!!! LIEBOUR have nothing to offer and they didnt even get  a candidate who lives in the area that is how bad they are

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Mrs Angry said...

Dearest Mrs T:

You know I am your greatest - only - fan. Please face the facts, in this case. You and your Finchley Tory chums have been accepting subs & issuing a card to a man convicted of assault of a woman by beating, a man who was supposed to be expelled from the Tory party.

You may think the issue of violence against women is unimportant compared to the Mansion Tax: most of us would disagree.

Here is a tip: bit late for you now, but Mansion Tax is something that only affects those likely to vote for you anyway. Try and find something that matters to ordinary families struggling to keep a roof, any roof, over their heads.

No need to thank me.