Saturday, 15 November 2008

Brave Mike stands up to the bigots

Read Mike Freer's latest leader listens blog. This comprehensively answers all of his armchair critics and shows the courage and leadership qualities that those of us who know Mike recognise on a daily basis. Sadly the Conservative party (like all of the parties) has a racist element and Mike firmly puts them in their place in his blog. He is prepared to stand up for the great British values of decency and tolerance. I don't suppose there are too many votes in the Tory heartlands to be had sticking up for single Nigerian mothers on benefits living in homes worth £1 Million at the Taxpayers expense, but as Mike quite rightly states:-

People claiming what they are rightfully entitled to should not become an object to be vilified by the media
In taking this principled stand, Mike has shown courage, leadership and decency. I don't suppose that any of the army of malcontents will have the guts to acknowledge this, will they?


Amanda said...

I doubt they will mrs_t but I personally thnk Leader Listens is brilliant having been to one.

I agree Mike has shown courage, leadership and decency and am thankful he is leader!

Mrs T said...

I suppose they are all too busy leaving messages on each others blogs to bother

Statler and Waldorf said...

You are quite right in that there are an 'army' of malcontents that Michael Whitney Freer has carelessly created.

However Statler and I are confused. Mr Freer didn't actually defend the allocation of the £1million house to that family, he blamed the government.

We find it quite tasteless how you are bringing race into this matter. You should temper your language.