Friday, 21 November 2008

Mike silences the critics !

Mike Freer is a busy man. Running a large organisation such as Barnet Council is a full time job. It seems that his sneering critics think that his main job is to answer ever more ridiculous questions placed on obscure blogs.

To keep us all in the picture, Mike has set up a blog and asked for questions. It seems to be beyond the wit of his critics that answering these questions is not Mike's top priority. Mike does it when he gets a minute. As he's council leader he has to check his facts (unlike his army of armchair critics).

Well for those of us who enjoy his blog, he's been on top form and put all of the local malcontents truly in their place. Do they say "Thanks Mike for taking the time to answer our questions" or do they whine that they haven't got the answer they wanted? I'll let you guess.

Have a look at Mike's Blog LEADERLISTENS.COM and see for yourself whether Mike allows questions on his blogs and gives proper answers.

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