Friday, 5 December 2008

Mike on the TV

Did any of you see the BBC news on Wednesday night? There was an interview with Mike where he spelled out the truth about the Future Shape. Rather predictably, there were the usual siren voices against him. Union leaders on soapboxes with megaphones. They must have been gutted when their protest got the BBC down to let Mike strut his stuff and put them in their place.

Why don't the unions ever come up with any sensible suggestions to save money. We are lucky to have a forward looking leader of the council who is prepared to take tough decisions. I really cannot understand why so many union members turned up when Mike said that all options were being examined. Do they think that a bunch of them standing around outside the town hall will make the slightest difference to anything? The days when anyone listened to big crowds of union bully boys shouting through megaphones are long gone. The sooner Mike sacks the lot of them, the better as far as I'm concerned !!!!!!!

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Amanda said...

I read a few articles on the Future Shape of the Council an think it is actually quite sensible in many respects.