Saturday, 25 April 2009

So who says that Barnets Youtube initiative is a waste of money?

Well I suppose you can guess who, can't you. The moaning minnies who hunt through every council document, every press release and every statement to find some mud to fling.

I thought I'd check the Youtube site out. I looked at the most viewed page. The most viewed page is for the recycling with over 2,000 views. For me the most informative was the cashless parking video (590 views).

The idea of councils using Youtube is in its infancy and Barnet leads the way. A small minority of moaners think that this is a waste of money and that the cash would be better spent on inquirys into football stadium sales. I think that things which improve the quality of life of residents are well worth the small cost. Barnet is lucky to have Mike Freer in charge, not some dinosaur who's idea of communication is to invite the local Union leaders to the Town Hall for beer and sandwiches.

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